LOLing and Eye Rolling.

Today, a sort-of, super superficial friend informed me of the cray-cray behavior of Dex this past weekend. While I was living the life in Disney World, apparently this kid shows up to this party WASTED. Drove himself there, probably got drunk by himself alone before he went over.

Then in his drunker stupor, he apparently told basically every living soul at the party about his depression and the infamous Sara Smackdown. My story-teller friend looked me dead in the eyes and said “I should really buy you a beer for that.”

“Avery, this shit is spreading like wildfire. I feel like everyone knows,” I texted my go-to-girl in a frenzy. “I don’t know whether to be embarrassed, proud, or worried.”

“Easy answer,” she retorted. “Proud.”

I mean, of everyone I’ve told or of everyone who has heard through other sources, I have gotten exactly zero negative or judgmental responses. For the most part, people are like- BAD ASS, HOLY SHIT THAT’S KIND OF AWESOME etc.

Now, I know Dexter is simply looking for pity and attention. He probably is searching for his next victim. It’s how he got with a lot of the mistresses (to my knowledge). “I’m so torn up over Sara, I need to move on and I’m lucky I have someone like you in my life that shows me how good two people actually can be together,”. Cue make out scene.

I came home today, plopped myself on the couch next to my best friend and roommate of three years, Susan. “Susan, I’m about to give you a big responsibility. If I happen to die between now and graduation, Dexter is NOT allowed to come to funeral and I’m leaving you in charge of that”. “Well in that case,” she snickered in response “I won’t be going to those fitness classes with you because I don’t want to die so that I can fulfill my funeral bouncer duty. Perfect excuse”. Thank God for good friends. So now I’m like… should I just beat Dexter to the punch and out myself as the smack down goddess who punched the shit out of Dexter before Mary, the mother of God at the campus grotto? Or should I just let it come out and wait to be approached… LOL I’ll just keep rolling my eyes at this loser and living my life. LIVING THE DREAM.

Accept not, since I’m home in bed on a “wild” Thursday night with a cold. I’ve got a hot date with Netflix tonight and I’m perfectly ok with that too.

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