Wild. Sara Wildes.

28book-articleInlineWild, by Cheryl Stayed is the first book I have read in its entirety for like, a year.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book! It couldn’t have found me at a better time in my life either. Cheryl has lost herself after the death of her mother, her affairs and consequential divorce from her husband, and experimental drug use. She decides to find herself on the Pacific Crest Trail and backpacks 1,100 miles.

‘Cause she’s a bad ass BITCH, BITCH, BITCH. 

In the midst of her divorce, Cheryl has the opportunity to chose her last name. She literally chose the name Strayed as a representation of the trials she recently had endured. She strayed from herself, her family, her husband. She strayed from what she knew and took a wild leap of faith and set out to adventure on a hike from Mexico clear to Canada.

Wild is coming to a big screen near you soon! Reese Witherspoon will play Cheryl. I couldn’t think of a better fit! I cannot wait to laugh my ass off at Cheryl’s crazy mishaps and stories that come out of the trail and I can’t wait to be comforted to know that I am not the only one a “spirit walk”.

Inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s empowerment of choosing her own last name, I created my own penn name, Sara Wildes.

I added an E for emphasis.

Not sucb a random selection, Wildes is actually a family name that I always envied. It encompasses everything I am and everything I want to be. Young. Wild. Free.

So what we get drunkkkk. If you don’t get the reference… get out.

I decided today that if there was a movie that portrayed my life, the celebrity that would play me would be Kate Hudson. She’s fun, sassy, flat chested as shit, and I think she’s really cool. God, if only the Chronicles of the Chronically Confused could be a movie one day. But then again, everyone would freaking know what a mess my life is. HA. As if they already don’t.


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