You are not the hero in this story.

Dear Dexter,

The reason you were cheating scum doesn’t sound so horrible at first. You just wanted to be there for everyone else, with female genitalia that is. You wanted to help, to listen. You wanted to pull every damsel in distress out of their terrible demise. You tried to save

  • the anorexic
  • the bulimic
  • the grieving
  • the insecure
  • the second best

Even though your “intent” was to save the world, that was merely your MO (which I just googled-it means Mode of Operating FYI). Yes, you sought after those who needed saving, but your true intentions were to be needed; be the hero and knight in shining armor. You didn’t attempt to save these girls for their benefit, you did it for yours.

This is the reason why I view you as a predator. You prey on those who are vulnerable and those who you gauge as “weak”. You saw my weakness when we began our regretful endeavors two years ago. I had just resurfaced from a terribly oppressive and emotionally abusive relationship and boy, did you swoop in and save the day. But soon enough, I healed the wounds inflicted from the boy that hurt me before you. Once I lacked the need to have you as my hero and you became my equal, my partner, you had to take every opportunity to bring me down. You

  • told me about the people who didn’t like me
  • made me question my friends and challenged my morals
  • cursed and shouted, calling me names like slut and whore
  • repeatedly pushed me to seek treatment for disorders I DO NOT have
  • suggested I had MAJOR emotional disorders, you even tried to accredit it by saying your “therapist” said I did. LOL

Confession: I am totally that girl who loves the Pinterest Quotes board. I came across one the other day that is directly applicable to your shitty-ness.



So Dexter dearest, I hope you enjoy living in my shadows. Fuck off now please.


Sara Wildes 

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