Ice in Hipsterville.

Ok, so in attempt to maintain my anymonity I have created a fictitious city in which I live; Hipsterville. One hint about Hipsterville is that it is a city where there is over 300 days of sunshine a year and the average annual temperature is about 80 degrees F. That is why it is exceedingly odd that there have been TWO ice days in the past week.

It’s 28 degrees F. outside and I have not left my bed. WOOH.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three classes back-to-back. But today, the professors for my first two classes canceled for our safety. In Hipsterville, we cannot drive in the ice/snow/sleet/rain. Myself included. These cancellations give me four hours back to my day and I’m seriously weighing my options for day drinking (I guess technically it would be morning drinking).

The only things saving me from my foolish ideas  are that my bed is warm and the fridge is a good 20 steps away.

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