“Sara, Keep Dancing”.


Brittany, Susan, and our good friend Molley were downtown on the hottest street in Hipsterville tonight. We laughed, danced, and bar hopped. Somewhere around 1:30 AM we found ourself at our university’s “hot spot” bar. It was crawling with our friends and classmates, even some of the damn mistresses. Haters gonna hate. I wore a badass skirt that I thought I paid way too much money for but now I know it’s worth every penny.

Suddenly, I was ya know, minding my own business dancing on top of the stage in the center of the bar when I look over and I see him.


“Susan, Brittany, it’s time we go, he’s here,” the panic in my voice was audible even over the merciless music. Brittany grabbed my right shoulder, Susan grabbed my left and they both looked me dead in the eyes and said “trust me, just keep dancing,”. And so I did. I channeled my inner Beyonce, who I decided today is my “spirit animal”, and I danced my fucking heart out. Apparently, I looked good too. I made damn sure of that.

I danced with a hot guy. I danced with my girlfriends. I danced by myself and didn’t give two fucks. I just danced and I am so glad that I did. I am the most grateful for my amazingly supportive friends, all three of them encouraged it, loved it, and assured me of what I really needed to know.

I won that round. 

You do not get to control my life, my world, my friends. No sir. You are done. WE are done. You don’t get to fuck with my ah-mazing night. I stayed, I held my ground, and I was able to still have a TON of fun. Resilience, confident, self assuredness; words I would not have know could describe me a few months ago definitely described me tonight.


Sara Wildes

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