The Fifth Commandment.

5. Look fierce, be fierce. 

I believe in the power of clothing. Now, I do not look like a movie star in my daily life, but I am certain in the fact that even the most simple article of clothing can change your day. The right jacket, the pair of pants that fit you perfectly, the scarf that makes you feel unstoppable; they all hold a certain amount of power within their very threads.

Today, I took myself shopping. I checked my bank account, made a mental promise to myself to spend no more than I absolutely needed to and I went to the mall and shamelessly, guiltlessly shopped.

I bought slutty clothes, I bought sassy clothes, I bought comfy sweaters. I basically bought something to appease every crevice of my personality. Because sometimes, you deserve to treat yourself. Because sometimes, you deserve to reinvent yourself.

Because feeling fierce will empower you to look fierce, and looking fierce will give you the confidence to be fierce.

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