Hysteria Teachers Foundation.

 America Hysteria Teachers Foundation. 

Confession: I am a American Teachers Foundation 2014 Org Member

Confession #2: I just failed my teaching certification subject test.

I honestly think I must be the worst ATF org member they have ever seen. I’m constantly missing deadlines, ignoring phone calls,  I registered for my certification tests wrong, and now, to put the cherry on top of the fucking hysteria that has becoming my role in the ATF org, I failed my subject test.

By a lot. 

I was accepting into the 2014 Org. in November 2013. Being a senior at university and juggling the sudden influx of ATF assignments, fees, and obligations has been insanely stressful. Sometimes I find myself frantically screaming inside my head “No one fucking told me this started right now!” while I smile and mm-hmm to the org. representative lecturing me over the phone about how to organize myself and that I should “write down a to do list”. How fucking condescending.

I am impeccably organized in every single meticulous aspect of my everyday life. But for some reason, when it comes to ATF, I am a SHIT. SHOW. 

Not only are they asking a lot of their org members right this instant, I am also getting scared. Scared shitless. The idea of committing two years of my young adult life to a remote, rural, southern region is beginning to make me uneasy. They assure me on the website that most of the org members in this region have “everyday necessities” like Walmart within a 30 minute drive.

30 fucking minutes. What the fuck? 

But, no fear. My roommates just walked in with alcohol and cheese sticks. A temporary fix to the stress that is my life. I’ll take it.

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