A Glitterbomb of Glory.


There is something to be said about the phrase “fake it ’til you make it”.

I like to think of myself as a genuine person. But sometimes everyone has to put on their happy pants, even if they are fitting a little tight that day. But, just like magic, once you suck it up and put on those damn happy pants, they start to feel just right.

It’s physically impossible to not be happy while you’re smiling. But really though, there is evidence.

On days where I’m just not quite “feeling it”, I tend to dress myself in sequins, sparkles, shimmer, anything that will catch a little light. When you drape yourself in something as glorious as the aforementioned choices of attire, it’s fucking impossible to have a bad time. Because you look fabulous and you ARE fabulous.

Sometimes life freaking sucks, yes. That is a simple fact. But there’s nothing more satisfying than converting yourself from something dark into a disco ball of joy and happiness and putting on a show. It’s catching! Susan always, always says that “glitter is the herpes of crafts” and she has a freakin’ point!

Even on my worst days, I hope that my joy, just like glitter, goes fucking everywhere, gets stuck to people and things, and never, ever comes off. I hope that traces of my joy can be found underneath the couch one year after the party. I hope that my joy sticks to the people that I surround myself, because after all, I thrive off of the joy of those around me. I know, these statements are incredibly strange. But from this perplexing analogy is where I channel my inspiration to tell myself every day that…

Today, I will be a Glitter Bomb of Glory. 

And therefore, “Be a Glitter Bomb of Glory” is now officially written into affect as my life’s 6th commandment.

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