5 Things Making Women Less LadyLike-The Counter Argument

5 Unfair Oppressions That Label Women As “Less Ladylike”

1. They call themselves a “bad bitch.” Call yourself whatever you want- If you are empowered by being a “bad bitch”, good for you! If we own negative labels, we may be able to take them back and make them our own again. #badbitchesforlife

2. They have truck driver mouth. Swear as much as your fucking want to- Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you need to limit your colorful and expressive vocabulary. Your foul mouth will NOT take away from your femininity, you are still a lady if you want to be.

3. They talk about fighting other girls (and do it). Defend yourself and fight them “basic bitches”- I’m actually not encouraging violence AT ALL, but if you have to throw a punch once in a blue moon to prove a point or to defend yourself, THAT’S OK (sort of, depends…). Being physically aggressive, just like our men counterparts, does NOT make you less of a woman.

4. All they want to do is get “TURNT UP!” Party whenever the fuck you want to- No one has the right to judge you and your choices of going out or consumption of alcohol. Judgements like that will only deflect and turn off men who are boring as fuck… If ANY potential boyfriend told me I went out too much to be in a steady relationship, I would agree because he obviously isn’t steady, secure, or mature enough to handle my level of confidence and fabulousness.

5. They pay more attention to their appearance than their attitude. Present yourself the way you want to, those who judge you can fuck off- There’s no “ladylike” way to carry yourself or present yourself. There are no “ladylike” ways to speak and no “ladylike” mannerisms. Any man who judges you for not being “ladylike” can borrow my Time Machine, blast back to the 1950s and marry their fucking mothers.

Get real, love yourself, don’t limit your expressions, language, or actions out of fear that you won’t appear “ladylike” enough to be loved.

James Michael Sama

I’ve been challenged. Each article I write about how men should act, I am challenged by those who call it “wildly sexist” and tell me that I would be obliterated by society if I were to write something similar about women.

Challenge accepted.

As a man, I write from the male perspective. This is why I typically write how I feel that men should act, because they are standards that I have chosen to hold myself to. But of course, I am equally aware that the modern-day female is much different than those in the past and some men question if they are “worthy” of the respect and chivalrous acts which I encourage.

I feel that every person should be respected as a human being, but certain popular trends make me curious about how our future generations will be raised.


They call themselves a “bad bitch.”

I can’t stand this…

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