The State of The Union

I have been a serious grumpy gills. It’s only Tuesday. 


My sass levels have been increasing at an exponential rate for the past few months. This week, however, they are off the charts. I just don’t have the same patience, sweet nature, or kind and considerate expressions that I use to have. Granted, my kind and considerate expressions were largely bullshit enacted because I viewed such behaviors as “polite” and “good manners”, they were rarely actually genuine.

I know, I know. I sound insensitive. Well, in many ways, I am. I rarely care about the “stress” and “insane schedules” of those around me. The way I see it, we are all busy in our own ways and more often than not, business is a choice. I don’t really care what happened to you on your way to campus, if you’re late for our group presentation, I just don’t like you.

But like I said, this week especially, I am a grumpy, grumpy gills. Largely this is because anyone’s “problems” seem insanely insignificant. Now, not in the sense that they are big babies or what is going on in their lives are unimportant. But solely in the sense that people take so much for granted and appreciate so little. And I am greatly at fault for all of that and more. 

  • Stop talking. The faster we get through this meeting, the more downtime/study time/personal time all of us will have tonight. STFU we do not care.
  • Oh don’t complain about your lousy night of sleep… you do not even know.
  • Midterms are making you want to drop off a bridge, are they? Wow.
  • Fulfill your responsibilities, be accountable, show up, try. If you can’t do these things, get out of my sight. I might snap you in half with my piercing words of shame.
  • Oh, you’re going to pretend like everything is fucking normal? Well it’s not. Stop pretending. I will slap you.

Ya, you could say that for a female I am slightly more aggressive than normal. I get shit done. I do it well (mostly). I work hard and long and I take no shit. But, patience is an attribute I should probably work on developing because it might like, come in handy sometimes.

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