Dreaming in Hipsterville.

As you all know, Sara Wildes is my pen name, Hipsterville is the fictitious name for the city I live in, and all names are changed. Although the series of unfortunate, hilarious, and outrageous events are in fact my life, Sara Wildes is an alter-ego, a fantasy, a goal, a dream. 

I began a “Sara Wildes” Pinterest today. It is all the things I want, I aspire for, I imagine. It is all the things I plan on making non-fiction one day, and one day soon. After all, I move to the Delta Region of Mississippi for Teach For America in 58 days. My boards include,

  • The Closet–a glimpse inside my dream closet.
  • The Cottage at the Corner–a sneak peek into the perfect habitat for Sara Wildes.
  • The Adventures--the never ending journey.
  • The Career–how I make it all happen as a writer and soon-to-be published author .
  • The Men–the dream love life mostly focusing on my three boyfriends Anderson, Jackson, and Jeffery.
  • The Words to Live By–how I guide my life as Sara Wildes.

Please enjoy. http://www.pinterest.com/sarawildes/


Sara Wildes

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