Commandment Number Seven.

Lately, no matter what I do or where I go, everything seems loud. People are loud. Traffic is loud. The wind is loud. The god damn squirrels are loud. It feels like there are a dozen people surrounding me screaming at the top of their lungs. For whatever reason, this past week has left me feeling suffocated and I don’t even have a good reason why. If anything this week should’ve been somewhat of downtime for me!

Clearly, this is one of those moments in life where I need to do something for me. The bubble bath and excursion to Target just didn’t cut it for me this time around. I need to find an outlet, a method, a coping mechanism, something to calm down. I need to find peace.

I need people to shut the fuck up. Stop talking at me, your voice is too loud. Stop speaking so fast, I cannot process it. Stop speaking so suddenly, you’re making me jump. Stop texting me, my eyes won’t focus on the words. Please, please, please just be quiet. Clearly, it’s making me extremely irritable. This is why I am creating Commandment Number Seven.

7. Take time for yourself and to be by yourself.

Because everyone can suck it, sometimes you just gotta do you and sometimes that means just getting some time and space to yourself. The world will go on and everyone will survive and then I’ll be a nicer person too. Because, after all…


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