A Healthy Amount of Self Deception.

310aace79e18e9e737fea239aee0ff97Being realistic is too, well honestly, it’s too fucking real. Life isn’t suppose to be miserable and grey, it’s suppose to be full of joy and light. For example, in the movie The Matrix the whole world is living in a false reality just so that they don’t have to tolerate the harsh and awful reality that is well, reality. We all, in our own ways, live in our own Matrix-like world.

It’s a survival technique. 

Therefore, I firmly believe that I can enter the “real world” in 34 days confident, enthusiastic, and wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Good things will happen for me. Things will fall into place, The little stresses will be resolved and everything will be ok. Because I believe I am an exception to the norm and that there is something big waiting out there.

Even if it’s in a rural town in Mississippi.

I can’t wait to find it.

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