First of all, ew.

Men can be scum. Ok, I partially retract that statement. Young men can be scum.

Many of the young adults that I look up to in my life have all told me that guys are not worth looking at twice until they are at least 27. Here’s a  brief synapsis of two scummy dudes in the life of Sara Wildes.


AKA-Time Machine Boy. So, time to time Cameron and I will text back and forth. I don’t know why, I don’t like the kid, I find his personality annoying, and he’s most recently officially pissed me off. This week I saw him at an event on campus and he later followed up with a text.

  • CAMERON: Hey! How have you been? Have a good spring break?
  • ME: Hey! Ya, it was good thanks, now just back to being swamped with school. All of my classes can really suck it.
  • CAMERON: Or you could suck it. 

ewConversation. Over.


This is that guy that always has an agenda and has always had a reputation….


Um, I’m uncomfortable. Should I be concerned? #yes. But he said he was just kidding, that means something right? #no.

These boys though… sheesh. There’s definitely an issue with our generation, with our age group, with all these dumb-as-shit 20-somethings that have such a thick layer of scum over their personalities that they couldn’t chip through it with a jackhammer.


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