16 Things People Have Said in Response to Accepting ATF Mississippi

  1. That will be really hard. —No shit, thanks for the reminder. 
  2. Oh wow… Ok.— Please stop judging me with your eyes. 
  3. Have you explored other options?–Yes, and I ultimately decided that this is what I want to do. 
  4. So you like black people?–Wait, do you not? 
  5. HAHAHAHA–*checks over shoulder to see if there’s something funny behind me. 
  6. I’m sorry.–I’m sorry too. Sorry that you were born. 
  7. You can go to the casinos!–Actually, that’s like, 4 hours away…
  8. I heard segregation is still like, a thing.–And why do you think that’s the case? 
  9. That’s unfortunate.Oh is it? Well fuck you in the face. 
  10. They’re gonna call you “Ms. Cracker”!I can’t believe that just came out of your mouth.  
  11. That will certainly be an…. experience.–Ya… a great one. Dip shit. 
  12. Why?–Why would you ask that? 
  13. Do you know what you’ve signed up for?–Ya, a life that is not as boring as yours…
  14. They aren’t going to like you there. —Oh really? Tell me why?
  15. That’ll be rough.--It’s just Mississippi… It’s not Antarctica.
  16. Are you terrified?!Um.. no. Why, should I be?


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6 thoughts on “16 Things People Have Said in Response to Accepting ATF Mississippi

  1. Keely says:

    Teaching in the Delta has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It has been rough, terrifying, really hard and really awesome by turns. These goobers are not totally wrong, but they’re making some ignorant assumptions about Mississippi.

    • Sara_Wildes says:

      Keely- that is awesome! I love hearing that this experience has been wonderful for you. I cannot wait to get there and see what’s in store. I just wish more people were supportive and encouraging.

      • Keely says:

        Most people just have no clue what it’s really like. You’ll meet the most real people you’ll ever know, and they’ll mostly be children. A lot of people are afraid to pursue adventures that require this level of commitment, and can’t understand how you can risk this much. You’ll love it if you go into it ready to put your heart on the line and really inhabit your teacherlife.

      • Sara_Wildes says:

        Thank you so much for the insight! Are you TFA?

      • Keely says:

        Yes Ma’am. I was Mississippi Delta Corps in 2012. Since Arkansas split off last year, I’m now winding up my second year as an Arkansas CM.

      • Sara_Wildes says:

        That is so awesome. Snaps to you! I look forward to reading your awesome stories and experiences on your blog

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