8 Screenshots From An Asshole

Today is Easter Sunday. The second most boring day on Earth, after Christmas. Out of boredom, I decided to go through my camera roll and I discovered disturbing screenshots after screenshots of the bullshit I endured in a past bad relationship. You guessed it, with Dexter.

Confession: I need to provide full disclosure that these screenshots are, of course, only portions of conversations and, that if someone took screenshots of all of my conversations, there would certainly be some things that I would not be proud of. However, these images and segments of conversations are only snippets and limited examples of red flags that I SHOULD HAVE recognized and shut. the fuck. down. I did not alter the texts or delete any responses on either side. I clearly took multiply screenshots in the same sitting, but that does not mean that every instance was related or associated with one another. I only blurred out names and phone numbers and any information that would disclose the identity of others or my true identity. *winky face

I am choosing to post this article to 1) empower myself to never, ever repeat the mistakes of the past and never allow myself to be treated, spoken to in such ways again and 2) empower others to spot red flags and recognize them as such.

  • The time I hid at Savannah’s house when he cussed me out…


  • And when I refused to reply and things just got worse…


  • And when it continued with a “real threat”
  • The time he threw a hissy fit because I didn’t invite him to hang out with me and my friends


  • The time he broke up with me, but then was jealous of my friends…



  • The time he broke up with me but wouldn’t leave me alone… and I fell for it AND even basically begged to not be left alone…. DAMN IT I’M AN IDIOT! I am the most pissed at my past self for this…


  • The time he wanted to explain that he was just “a kind person with compassion”…gag


  • And finally, the time I was the cold hearted one…


 A huge mistake was tolerating all of this. A huge mistake Dexter made was obviously, sending these texts. There are countless texts I regret sending too. Everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are a part of learning. I will learn from this. I have learned from this. Although bad, these experiences were good because I grew from them. Now to move forward and conquer the world *hair flip 

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