18 Lessons Learned From My First Semester Single.


As I am wrapping up my last semester as a undergrad, I discovered something monumental. This has been the first whole semester where I have been single. But really, I have never been single for the entirety of a semester and I’m fairly certain that this fact is my sole regret of my college experience. I should have experienced this all much earlier, BUT, it actually couldn’t have come at a more perfect time and I couldn’t be more thankful.

This semester, I learned vital lessons that, if I had not learned them, I would not have been prepared to face my future.

Although tiresome, troubling, and torturous at times, I ultimately learned 18 lessons that I value more than any boyfriend.

  1.  how to be alone
  2. how to not have a sole companion to tell my daily stories to
  3. how to pay attention, real attention, to my friends
  4. how to stop looking at my iPhone screen and look at the world and people around me
  5. how to use public transportation effectively–boyfriend ain’t gonna pick me up when I have a flat tire no more
  6. how to really be independent–no one does me favors or runs me errands anymore, it’s all me
  7. experimenting with different hair styles and outfits can help you shape yourself into the person you want to be
  8. how to accept and embrace failure without a shoulder to cry on
  9. how to spot bullshit
  10. and how to call it out as such
  11. going to the movies alone is liberating
  12. loneliness is a real emotion
  13.  it’s ok to feel it
  14. and how to deal with those feelings
  15. how to overcome my “struggles”, chin-up, and move forward
  16. grace and strength are often overrated and it’s ok to have a breakdown
  17. no one can define you, limit you, or hold you back unless you allow them to
  18. AND FINALLY, self respect will always be worth more than company
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