Confessions of the Apathetic (As Told by JLaw).

Sometimes, I take myself to Target and buy whatever I want and need without even looking at the prices.


I often eat only ice cream for lunch.


I haven’t paid attention or studied for a test in my science class all year. 


Of my four classes, I only filled out one course evaluation. The rest were just too tiresome.


I like to go to Petsmart by myself. I will make up excuses and lie if someone asks to come with me.


I always save my coupons in my room, but never remember to use them at the store.


After a long day of failure, my favorite thing to do is lay on my closet floor.


I stopped working hard at school in December.


I often lie to people that ask if the random dog on my debit card is mine. His name is Charlie. 


Telling a stranger next to me on a plane a fake story of my life is one of my favorite pastimes.


I eat whatever I want


And don’t exercise. It’s disgusting.

I love grocery stores between the hours of 8:30-10:00 p.m. because I don’t have to share and it’s quiet.


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