An Awkward Situation

Peter is one of my closest friends and we have recently reached a new level of awkward.

Background: Peter is roommates with Dexter and Cooper. Peter’s disgusting, rude, and cheating ex-girlfriend, Rachel, is a mistress. Peter used to be best friends with Dexter, but they now hate each other for reasons that are still unclear.

Rachel and Peter were dating until she studied abroad this semester and only lasted two days before cheating on him. But still, all semester long she has been toying with Peter on unhealthy levels of back-and-forth emotional abuse and manipulation, even the Atlantic Ocean and a seven hour time difference won’t stop her from bothering him.

So naturally, I have tried to be an extra good friend to Peter. He’s newly single, kind of lost in the world, and needing of friends.

But… unfortunately I don’t think that this friendship is just a friendship in his eyes.

Recently, there have been some odd clues that have caused me to raise my eyebrows and seriously question what is happening.

  1. He told me that he had a dream and in his dream, we were together and it “wasn’t hard”- I got a little squirmy and embarrassed but I just said “that’s a funny dream” and moved on about how I thought it meant that his relationship with Rachel was always hard and that it shouldn’t be that way etc. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the best response.
  2. He wanted to “make sure I knew” that I’ve been “looking really cute” for the past few weeks- DAW! Thanks Peter. He’s just a really nice person, he’s nice like that to everyone, right? 
  3. This…



WELP. Okay. I’m moving to another state in 18 days so… I’m just going to ignore all of this and bow out gracefully before this turns into a soap opera because ya, no thanks. That is a tangled, tangled love web that sounds horrendous.I mean listen to this– Ex-boyfriend’s ex-best friend who’s ex-girlfriend got with my ex-boyfriend and I didn’t know until he became ex-best friends with my ex-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend cheated on him while studying abroad. 

I think I just got dizzy from the confusion and disgustingly complicated history lesson.

Sincerely the woman with the most awkward life in the history of young-adult lives,

Sara Wildes

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