Flashback: Body checked.

Yesterday, Avery and I dropped by my good friend Cooper’s graduation party.

Background: Cooper lives with Dexter.

So I had the expectation that there a slight possibility that this might get awkward. But that slight possibility was not going to stop me from celebrating with Cooper and his cool family. So on I went.

As Avery and I pulled up to the house, I was so fixated on my shit-awful attempt to parallel park that I didn’t even realize the silver car from hell across the street. Dexter’s car.

“What a RELIEF!” I practically sang I Avery and I clambered out of my car “his car ain’t even here”. But then I saw the car before I even closed the door. UGH. Ok, play it cool. You’ve mentally rehearsed for this I told myself. Avery is one of those friends that is full of sass so she was all about this. “Ugh, I cannot wait to see the look of self hatred and wallowing on his face,” she sneered and chuckled at the same time. I didn’t even plan on looking at his face, and I would put money on in that he wouldn’t look at mine either so I blew off her comments.

When climbed the steps to the house and rang the bell. Instantly, Cooper appeared and open the door only wide enough for his face to poke through. Upon seeing that it was I, Sara Wildes on his doorstep, he then opened the door a little further only to step into the doorway itself. Body checking me, Cooper stood half inside, half outside of the door, keeping it slightly closed behind him.

This experience only occurred for maybe 30 seconds tops, but it felt like an eternity.

I could tell that Cooper was trying to find a way to tell me, warn me, hint at me in the best way that he could. Finally I just gave up. “I saw the car already, it’s ok. I’m ok,” I mumbled softly.

He then let us in. Thankfully, I have good friends like Cooper and Avery. I was able to successful mingle and feel comfortable at this party because of their kindness and consideration. I caught a glimpse of Dexter sitting in a chair in the living room. I made a mental note of which chair he was in so that I could be sure not to touch it or sit in it later because, ew. Cooper, Avery, and I went to a separate section of the house and I practically hid behind a wall while we chatted and ate our snickity snacks.

But it wasn’t uncomfortable, it wasn’t annoying. Luckily, Dexter and I only overlapped appearances at the party for a solid 10 minutes before he left, freeing me up to wander the house at my own free will.

It was life and it was fine.

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