The Natchez Trace


Today, I’ve decided that I am going to bike the Natchez Trace. 440 miles. Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN.

I’m itching for an adventure, a hobby, and a challenge and I think I’ve found it. I’ve never been a cyclist, backpacker, hell I’ve never even really camped. But that’s why I want to do this. It would take me about a week to complete and months to train and work up to being able to bike an average of 30-50 miles a day.

natchezDay dreaming about the adventures and amazing people I could meet along the way is making me impatient.    But first, the preparation. 

  1. Get my ass to Mississippi. Alive. 
  2. Buy a bike–they ain’t cheap either. 
  3. Buy a helmet and probably any and all ass padding items. 
  4. Buy a portable air pump. 
  5. Start cycling! Little by little, day by day. 
  6. Gather up all of the REI backpacking/cycling clothes. 
  7. Figure out how one feeds oneself out there on the Trace-MREs? 
  8. Buy whatever I need for all of that eating stuff! 
  9. Plot my stops and make my itinerary. 
  10. Figure out a way to get from home to the starting point and from the ending point to home…. 
  11. Buy and gather all camping/sleeping under the stars materials. 
  12. Practice biking with all materials on my bike and back. 
  13. Pick the perfect time of year. 
  14. GO! 

Because after all, “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” -Anais Nin

Wish me luck! XOXO,

Sara Wildes

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