It’s the Medi-caay-tion.

Confession- my mother has a southern drawl.

So here I am, visiting the parentals for a night. I strategically planned my visit so that I only have to spend 28 hours at “home”. I’m here to drop off my cat because I’m moving into a dorm room in a matter of days and of course-no pets.

In the last 5 hours, I have observed some of the strangest behaviors in my father. Nearly three months ago he attempted suicide. So naturally, he has been heavily medicated since. Some of the weird shit he’s done so far has included…

-sleeping through my arrival, which included the ringing of my own doorbell because I don’t even have a key to this place.
-groggily mumbling that my cat is an angel.
-patting me on the head to say hello
-chasing my cat around the house like a child while squealing “kitty, kitty, kitty!”
-showing me a “funny” video on his iPad that was not funny.
-laying his head on my shoulder while we watched the video, making me extremely uncomfortable.
-put his earbuds in his ears and danced (poorly) down the hallway.

During the course of these dreadful events, my what-the-fuck face was all sorts of obvious. While my father was doing a little jig down the hall and I was staring, jaw dropped, my mom leaned over and in her obnoxiously sweet drawl, she hissed “it’s the Medi-caay-tion “.

I am the most uncomfortable.

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