A Year In Three Words

Here I am in Denver! I ventured here, along with Cooper, to visit Richard. Richard is an amazing friend who I haven’t seen in eight, long months.

Richard lives in Denver while doing a year of service. For a year, he has given his life to serve others, especially those experiencing poverty and homelessness. For a year, Richard has lived on a $75 a month stipend. A month.

I’m very certain that Richard is a saint because who the hell and how the hell can you make that work and have a good time being that poor as a 22 year old, fresh-out-of-college, energetic being?!

Richard, that’s who.

Anyways, over lunch I asked Cooper and Richard to describe their year in three words.

Here’s what happened…

1) Fun
2) Educational
3) Exhausting

1) Challenging
2) Wild
3) Enjoyable

Then, it was my turn… Hmm… How on Earth do I describe this year? I pondered. It’s been such a wild ride. Literally, multiple things that people will never experience in their lives happened to me in a matter of months.

Confession- I have never talked to Richard about the majority of the shit show that has been this year.

Richard is still good friends with Dexter, and I don’t want to put him in an uncomfortable position or screw up a friendship that he obviously values. Besides, I’m sure Richard knows a lot. I’m sure he knew a lot when everything with Dexter happened/was happening. I wouldn’t know because we just don’t talk about it. And that’s ok with the both of us.

Finally, I found my three words.
1) Glorious 2) Shit 3) Show

Because truly, that’s what it has been. It’s been a rough, shit-show of a year. But it has been glorious and I have basked in the glory of all of the change and growth.

I’ve loved this year.

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