The Most Unfortunate Coincidence.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. 

Today, I packed up my car, packed up my life, and started driving. By myself. To Mississippi.

I sucked it up, swallowed hard, and blinked the tears out of my eyes and drove onward to my new reality.

I tired to pump myself up with good music and some silly, positive self talk. I was feeling good, excited even. The journey had officially begun as I blazed a trail down the highway. Jamming hard to a popular song on the radio, I felt on top of the world. How lucky am I? A new adventure, a new city, a new state. The world is mine. Mine for the taking!

Less than an hour in to my road trip, I was in my own world riding fast in the left lane when the most unfortunate coincidence happened. Like a punch in the stomach. I caught a glimpse of a University of Hipsterville sticker on a car as it passed me on the right. I knew that car! That’s Heather Lynn’s car! But in the blink of an eye, like a flash of a camera, it all clicked. That beard. I know that beard. That blue button up shirt. I know the feeling of the very threads that make up its fabric.

Dexter was driving.

Of all of the places to run into Dexter…. I had to run into him on the highway as I began my journey to my new fucking life free of fucking manipulative and disgusting little pricks like himself?! Are you fucking kidding me? Where’re the cameras?! This must be a joke. Am I on some type of reality “Let’s Mind Fuck Sara Wildes” TV show?! 

I could see the previews to the fantasy TV show about my fucking ridiculous life….

“Tune in today and witness Sara Wildes, driving to her new life free from the burden of a small university where everyone but her knew that her nasty boyfriend cheated on her with over a dozen girls she knew, run into on the road the very same, now ex-boyfriend, who put her through hell and back. Watch as he passes her from the right lane, then watch as Sara Wildes and Dexter proceed to pass, get passed, pass, each other for the next 10 miles!” 

It’s comical really.

Dexter and Heather Lynn are doing a little road trip of their own, to New York City where Dexter will be interning for the summer and where Heather Lynn and her family lives.

This unfortunate coincidence really fucked with the rest of my drive. For a solid two hours, I felt sick. Actually ill. Like I could vomit all over the dashboard. But, I eventually got over it. Got my bearings. And drove onwards.

Because nothing can bring down the success story that is about to be made. 

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