American Teachers Foundation Quotes: Day 1

  • “Any social change in history is a result of the collective”
  • “The fight is never over”
  • “What helps your cause will spill over”
  • “The movement only works if we look out for our neighbors”
  • “This is not a Black and White thing-it is about equality”
  • “If a task wants to be done, never leave until it’s done. Be the labor; great or small, do it well or not at all”
  • “You have to be motivated and have the attitude to teach”
  • “Connect with like-minded, positive people”
  • “Just ’cause we talk slow, doesn’t mean we think slow”
  • “We lead from who we are. Period.”
  • There’s disempowerment in numbers if you don’t have the context behind the numbers”
  • “We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable”
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