“You can’t change mindset, experience change mindset”

Last night we went to a local restaurant in Leland. This experience was my first “oh my God hatred here is real” moment.

There were no black people in the restaurant. Every well-to-do white family in there would not stop staring at our black corp members. And two hours into the dinner, the owner of the restaurant came up to our table and drunkenly made the most asshole statement that could be made.

“Thank you all for coming to the Delta to teach and civilize these ghetto kids. Maybe because of y’all they will make it out,” he slurred.

What the actual fuck.

The entire table stared back, blinking. Confused and angry, no one said a damn thing. The white owner stumbled off and the entire table sat in silence for a solid minute.

Ultimately, this experience was so useful because it helps prepare me to reach into my deep pockets of “come-backs” and be prepared to challenge, question, and respond to ignorance like we heard last night.

The impressions of ATF are extremely mixed throughout the Delta. I’m not a die-hard ATF fan, but I also believe good things can come of it. I’m a realist and I’m not afraid to look at this organization with conscious criticism.

This white, hateful, small minded restaurant owner pissed me the fuck off.

But this man, this man is an example of disdain I feel for people, ATF members and non ATF combined, that feel as though ATF is an act of “heroism” and “saving” an “at-risk” community.

Because that viewpoint in inherently oppression because its underlying assumptions is that you are better than them.

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2 thoughts on ““You can’t change mindset, experience change mindset”

  1. Keely says:

    His statement is rooted in ignorance, but it doesn’t make him a bad person. This guy, or guys like him, could be kin to kids you’ll teach. He could be your next-door neighbor who is happy to give you the shirt off his back. Don’t allow yourself to pass judgment.

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