First of all, not happening.



I would like to castrate the person with enough balls to think that I would EVER give my address or read any fucking letter of the one, the only, Dexter Dickwad. 

  1. I give no shits about your “closure”. No shits are given. 
  2. Your “closure” is never going to fucking happen, because you are inherently dishonest and manipulative and frankly: scary. That doesn’t go away. I’m not the last girl that you will pull bullshit with. 
  3. I will NEVVVVER give you access into my new and might I add fucking great  life that I have built here for myself. 
  4. Especially physical access by giving my ADDRESS. NOPE. NADA. NO WAY.  
  5. Get over it. 

This, officially, positively will be the last post I ever write in regards or pertaining to Dexter.


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