Careers and Tears

Moving has been a heinous, disgusting disaster. 

And I haven’t even moved in yet. 

Long story short, here is a bullet pointed list of the fuck ups and ugly run ins that I have encountered. 

  • roommate went out of town–no one was there to open the apartment 
  • apartment complex opened the door (after needing 2 phone calls, written permission, and a reminder)
  • for Cooper who had the key to my storage box 
  • the storage box that was sitting on a trailer at the Uhaul down the street 
  • waiting for the movers who showed up on time 
  • but the Uhaul people acted like my pod, which was sitting outside, didn’t exist 
  • so I had to reschedule to movers 
  • and tell Cooper to leave the apartment key and the storage key under the mat 
  • of the empty apartment 
  • where the movers would be coming to the next day, a Monday 
  • at 8:00 AM, when everyone normal works 
  • except for my mother, who now-SUPRISE! runs her own small business what the actual fuck? 
  • mom gets there by 8:00 AM and so do the movers 
  • who bring with them an empty storage box 
  • and pack my stuff and drive it back to the Uhaul place 
  • who then has to combine my two boxes because, fuck you, y’all screwed up and I’m not shipping 2 boxes… 
  • and once they get everything to fit in one box the get it set up to be shipped 
  • and it won’t be here for a week… 

What is that nonsense?!?! Ok, rant over. 



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