Dardos Award


Huge shout out to TheSassyBitch for the nomination for the Dardos Award! Go follow her and discover her amazing journey as a confident, young adult as told by her blog posts at I Put The Ass in Sassy.

I am nominating one of my favorite and most genuinely authentic teacher bloggers, Chasing Piggens! She inspires me every day (or at least every few days when I sneak a moment of time away from grading or making lesson plans, to catch up on her adventurous life!

More posts to come! BRB, busy slamming my head through a wall and attempting to learn and learn how to teach Algebra simultaneously.

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One thought on “Dardos Award

  1. thesassybitch says:

    😂😂😂 that would be me if I were a math teacher…having to relearn all of it myself. Good luck!

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