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Panty Flashers and Cuss Words

3:58 p.m. The final bell rang, signaling the end of another school day.

I sat at my desk, stunned.

Today made me wonder, are all my kids huffing glue?!

In one day I had 2 office referrals (AKA as the “you need to take your things and leave this classroom” moments) and three detentions. One girl in my homeroom thought it was a brilliant idea to stand up when she should be seated silently and pull the edges of her skirt up, flashing her panties to half a dozen students and my peripheral vision.

Confession-I am always full of sass and I always have plenty of light-hearted, playful, but to-the-point comebacks.

But the panty flasher left me completely speechless. When shit like this happens, my silent and still reaction is insanely effective. The whole mood of the room shifts like, “oohh damn if Ms. Wildes isn’t saying a damn thing then you know you screwed something up realll bad,”. In this case, I just silently gave the student the look that she needs to sit the eff down and then I silently and slowly floated towards my desk, where I keep my referral forms. Calmly handing her her form, I asked if she knew where she needed to go. She didn’t so I said “ok, hun. Come over here and have a look at my map with me,”. We looked at it together and I explained where she needed to go.

Poor girl was more speechless that I had been only moments earlier.

Another girl shouted “SHUT THE HELL UP!” to a boy clear across the classroom today. The profanity and the outburst earned her an office referral too. But in all honesty, that boy did need to shut the hell up and I secretly cheered her on. ‘Cause he just got TOLD! I spoke to her in the hall as I calmly sent her on her way, I reminded her that sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction. 

Good kids making silly decisions… That’s high school in a nutshell.

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